Our client wanted to change the game in their industry, become the clear market leader in New Zealand and expand into Australia.

One of the primary goals was to become much more targeted, data driven, and results focused in their marketing activity.

We worked closely with their creative and media agencies to develop a digitally led strategy that was highly targeted, sophisticated in using the best tools available to analyse results, constantly adjusted to maximise results – and unconventional in our approach to the way messaging was delivered and spend allocated.

We acted as strategy adviser to the CEO – and worked together to create outstanding results and growth for the business. They became the undisputed market leader in New Zealand and successfully launched into Australia where they are now one of the major industry players.

Moving away from the safety net of traditional marketing – including a heavy mainstream media presence – was a brave call. The fact that it was so successful was down to a very clear understanding of targeting, messaging and the results required.