With substantial experience in organisational design and change management we can help you align structure with strategy and implement the necessary transformation of your organisation.

We can work alongside your existing leadership – or in many cases provide temporary executive resources to design and implement change – and help put the right permanent structure and resources in place.

Effectively designing and implementing organisational structures can be a challenging process for your business and your staff. This is where our depth of real-world experience in not only designing effective structures, but in implementing the change process, is of tremendous value. Minimising disruption, keeping staff positive and engaged in the process, and creating effective and timely outcomes are key strengths of our team.

Implementing business acquisitions and mergers is an area that we have a lot of experience in – and have effectively managed the process of bringing disparate organisations together to create aligned and effective operations.

With extensive experience in international distribution and supply agreements we can also help maximise your potential for success and make sure your commercial agreements are the best they can be

Key operational support services include commercial negotiations, agreement development and corporate governance.

Members of our team have significant governance experience – and Board, advisory and mentoring positions are considered on request.

Why choose us?

Strategy Lab gives you access to senior, experienced business executives – that can focus clearly and specifically on your business to help create meaningful and effective advice and assistance to achieve your growth and transformation objectives.

  • Access to highly experienced business leaders – whenever and whenever you need them
  • A history of success – both in the corporate world and in the seven years of consulting via Strategy Lab
  • Ability to apply real-world experience to our clients’ specific needs – from start-ups to large corporates, listed companies and Government organisations – to small businesses and international organisations.
  • Intelligent, approachable, adaptable and engaging
  • We focus on results and meaningful solutions – solving complex problems with clarity and focused outcomes
  • Ability to provide independent thinking and a “fresh eyes” approach to business
  • Options to provide external advice – or provide on-the-ground resources to work within your business to develop and implement change programmes

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