Review 360 is a process developed by Strategy Lab to provide a complete strategic review of your organisation – with in-depth analysis of your business and recommendations on options and next steps.

We understand firstly where you are at now, how you got there, where you are heading and how you plan to get there.

We look at your customers, staff, suppliers, partners, results and capability. We also review your strengths and weaknesses relative to your strategic goals and direction.

We then look at your business and industry with a fresh lens. We analyse the market you operate in, your competitors, local and international trends, opportunities and threats from innovation and disruption, economic and other macro environmental factors – and assess your opportunities and capability with these in mind.

From there we work with you to assess your strategic goals and the scale and achievability of various outcomes.

The process culminates in a report outlining our views on the best outcomes for your business, strategic paths available, your current position relative to these, options to achieve the recommended outcome and recommendations on next steps.

This is an interactive and engaged process that evaluates your current business model, strategy and performance – and analyses what alternative options you have – and how to achieve identified goals.

This is a proven process – with clear deliverables.

We are happy to scale the process appropriately to suit the needs of your business – and we can run the Review360 process for an agreed fixed project fee to help with planning and to provide certainty on costs.

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