Our client was a major tertiary education institution looking for fresh thinking on how to improve their sales and marketing performance across both customer acquisition and retention.

They also needed to gain better alignment to their market proposition and brand values right through the organisation. They asked us to look at the structure of their marketing organisation and align their capability to the new strategy.

Internal engagement was always going to be critical to the success for this project. So, we started with purpose and values and conducted workshops across the organisation – including the Exec team – to first listen and understand before we progressed to the next phase.

Once we had clarity on the organisations core purpose, values, brand promise and goals we could start work on a new three-year strategy to achieve the required outcomes.

In a comprehensive project we created a meaningful strategic plan, an operating framework and change programme.

The change programme resulted in a restructure of the marketing organisation, to align structure and capability to the strategy, a new advertising agency (following a full review and pitch process), appointment of a new General Manager of Marketing – and alignment behind the programme right across the organisation. During the process we provided an Acting GM of Marketing to implement the new structure and new strategy and to manage the progression to a permanent appointment.

The result was the creation of a world-class marketing capability, improved engagement with both customers and staff, and a significant increase in brand awareness, consideration, preference – and ultimately applications.