An innovative New Zealand SaaS company was looking to grow their business both in New Zealand and internationally - and needed a fresh look at their strategy and business model.

The Board appointed Strategy Lab to provide an independent assessment of what was holding them back and to identify their best options for accelerating growth.

We worked with the CEO to run through the Review 360 process – where we first understand the internal perspective on the business from management, Directors and investors. This helped us understand what their goals were, their original aspirations and how they were tracking against these. We looked at who their customers, suppliers and partners were – and what strategic and business model options they had considered already. We could also assess the business performance and capability model.

We then looked from the outside in – with a fresh look at the business, their environment, major industry players, market disruptors, competitors and market dynamics. We looked at their strengths and weaknesses and where their opportunities for innovation and transformation may lie.

As an outcome we were able to advise the Board on what we considered their situation to be relative to the market they operated in – and provided clear options and recommendations for moving the business into a new phase of targeted growth with clear targets and outcomes identified.

Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can both confirm what business leaders already suspect – and also provide clarity on what other options exist and what the best path forward may be.